What We Do.

We are on a mission

Working towards a future where all rural children get the care and support they need to thrive.

In Bukedea district, Uganda, our programs target rural children aged 3–12 years, in addition to teen trainees of trainers between 1318 years old, their families, schools (including partnerships with local schools), community leaders and organizations, as well as parents and guardians.

Access to Educational Materials

We provide access to educational materials through a stocked library and after-school play-based learning activities, offering a comprehensive approach to learning outside the classroom.

Integrated Support Services

We provide healthcare, scholastic materials, nutritious meals, and school fees, for children between the ages of 3-18, ensuring their holistic development and well-being.

Promote Family Empowerment

We provide essential items such as clothing, shoes, bedding, mosquito nets, and goats to families in need, while also overseeing their own savings and loans group, empowering them to manage their finances and well-being.

Our Reach.

We're making an impact

Through supporting children and families by providing essential resources and empowerment through educational and financial initiatives.


Children served with after-school activities


Children have received direct support


Families have received basic needs 


Families Save and have access to microloans



By spreading our message of ‘amuno’ (hope) to your networks, you can help us reach more people and make a positive impact in our community.

What You Can Do


We extend a warm invitation to you and your friends to join us for a site visit, which can be experienced either virtually from the comfort of your home or in person at the venue.

Something Bigger


Support 226 children with $600/year each for scholastic materials, school fees, medication, lunch, and a goat, and invest $20,000 in a community center.

Our Focus.

Theory of Change

Our partners in funding and collaboration from allover the world