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Amuno Rural Hub trains communities, teachers, and school children on proper water, sanitation, and hygiene practices, as well as menstrual hygiene management. We also install rainwater catchment systems in households and schools for water reuse.

Bukedea District is water-stressed and lies within the flood zone and hence faces a major challenge of increasing access to clean and safe water to its rapidly growing population amidst diminishing water resources both in quantity and quality. Groundwater resources have proved inadequate to meet the district’s potable water demand.

Women and children spend massive amounts of time collecting water for drinking, cooking, and washing from these sources. They often have to walk miles with their empty jerry cans and buckets, and return with them fully and weighing more than 40 pounds. This daily burden means losing out on educational and work opportunities, which affected the economic well-being of generations of families. But the harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants swirling inside their containers are an equally heavy burden.

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Borehole : Residents ratio
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We commit to providing sustainable water sources across all of the rural communities in Bukedea. We look forward to establishing membership with WASH Agenda For Change, which is a collaboration of organizations working together to reach universal water access in Uganda. These water investment plans provide a roadmap to the costs and planning required for every village in Bukedea to have a safe, sustainable water source.


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