Project Description

Free-access Community Library & In-door Games

With financial support from Step by Step e.V., AFARA e.V., Projekthilfe Dr. Luppa, Talent Walls, and in-kind support from International Books Project and other individual donors, we’re in the process of completing a standard free-access fully stocked community library, with Uganda national curriculum textbooks for all levels of education. 

This library will have computers that are connected to the internet to enhance the learners’ access to knowledge. Given the background of most of our learners, we will also offer computer literacy classes to equip them with the skills to fully utilize the computers in the library. This, in the long run, will empower them to compete adequately with their peers in urban settings that have access to such services. The premises will offer a space where children can come to learn by using books, computers, the internet, and indoor games, and through this, we hope to make reading more attractive, fun, and enjoyable. We shall also provide age-appropriate story books to the children in both English and the local language (Ateso), and we will organize reading afternoons, quizzes, films, and much more.

Project Supporters

Education Sponsorship & Scholastic Materials Program

Each year our social workers identify the most vulnerable children who would not get an education otherwise, offering them a position at our school support programme. We intermix these children with all the other students from the community, keeping them anonymous so they can go to school with dignity, free from the stigma of being vulnerable and in need.

Previous Sponsors


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