Our education program looks at providing school fees and scholastic materials i.e. school uniforms, shoes, stockings, exercise books, pencils, pens, mathematical sets, test books, etc. We do identify unprivileged households who lack the opportunity to take their children to better schools.

We believe education for children in Bukedea district is a great opportunity for a better future. i.e.

  1. Curbs the vice of child labor, early marriages, child marriages, etc.
  2. Reduces or even eliminates generational poverty
  3. Empowering children with education is empowering the next generation.

Our current strategy so as to maintain gender balance we select 2 children (preferably a girl and a boy) from each vulnerable household for the education scholarship in the nearby school.

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change. – Carl Rogers