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‘amuno’ means ‘hope’ in ateso (an indigenous local language) and Amuno Rural Hub is a community-based organization dedicated to empowering rural children and their families in Bukedea district, Uganda, through education, support, and community development initiatives.

Amuno Rural Hub offers various programs, including the After School Learning program, Direct Child Support (covering school fees, providing scholastic materials, offering lunch meals, and healthcare), the Community Aid Project (providing clothes, shoes, mosquito nets, etc.), and the Community Savers’ Circle (facilitating savings and loans groups). Click for more

You can get involved with Amuno Rural Hub by volunteering your time, donating resources, or supporting our programs. Contact us for more information on how you can make a difference. Click for more

Amuno Rural Hub supports education in rural areas by providing access to educational materials, offering after-school programs, and facilitating play-based learning activities for children aged 3-18. Click for more

The Community Aid Project at Amuno Rural Hub provides basic necessities such as clothes, shoes, and mosquito nets to families in need, aiming to improve their living conditions and overall well-being.

Amuno Rural Hub empowers families through community aid initiatives, savings, and loans groups, and support for parents to start or maintain businesses and farms, enhancing their economic stability.

Yes, Amuno Rural Hub is a registered NGO, officially recognized by The National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organizations. Click to view the NGO Certificate & Permit

Amuno Rural Hub ensures transparency and accountability through regular reporting, financial audits, and engaging with stakeholders to gather feedback and improve its programs. Click to see our policy

Since its inception, Amuno Rural Hub has made a significant impact in the community by improving access to education, healthcare, and basic necessities for rural children and their families. Click for more

You can donate to Amuno Rural Hub by visiting our website and following the donation instructions, or by contacting us directly for more information on how you can contribute to our cause. Donate here

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