Amuno Rural Hub believes in talent and skills development so in early 2019 we bought table tennis equipment. We believe that sports, entertainment, and hands-on skills can shape a child’s future. So we went first with what we could afford; table tennis skills. This table tennis equipment has been beneficial to the children mostly during the 2 phases of lockdown.

In early 2021 we were blessed to receive donations from International Table Tennis Federation Foundation, so now we’ve 2 tables 288 table tennis balls, 20 pairs of shoes, 20 t-shirts, and 20 rachets. This donation could not have come at a better time. Right now children are not going to school since the closure of the schools due to the COVID-19 second wave in Uganda which led to the 42 days of lockdown. During this time rather than be idle at home or in the neighborhood, children can train in table tennis.