Given the current situation brought by Corona Virus termed as COVID-19, millions of Ugandans are likely to die of hunger than the feared Corona Virus.

The lockdown should have been done in phrases to allow some people to keep earning money. It all started when children came from school, people should’ve continued working in order to earn a living to feed their families otherwise people may die of hunger instead of corona virus.

Looking at the closure of places of worship, some people earn a living from businesses around churches and mosques. A case in point is restaurants, which provided food for people who come for prayers.

Majority of people in Uganda live on cash that they earn daily. Some waiters and waitresses earn between UG shs. 5,000 to UG shs. 10,000 daily and use the money to meet their daily needs. Once their places of work are closed, they won’t be working and therefore they will not be earning which will cause more trouble.

The entire business cycle is easy to destroy by a small decision. The small income people earn daily helps them to pay rent, food, pay for bills like electricity and water. Who is going to pay for their bills unless government is going to guarantee provision of basic needs? Which highly is not the case for this situation. We’re going to feel the impact within the next 12 days therefore the government should look more into these measures that it has come up with to prevent the spread of corona virus.

We at Amuno Foundation would like to do something about the situation, however little it is; we would like to begin with 20 households and given average per household persons in Uganda of 5, reaching out to 20 households with 5kgs of Rice, Posho (maize flour), sugar and beans, plus a liter of cooking oil, a bar of soap and a sacket of salt.

Money needed
Beneficiary Households
People per Household